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It all started in 1890, with Grandma Kemleh at Chabtine, a village in Batroun.

During her childhood, Grandma Kemleh used to love nature and spent all of her time between orchards and olive oil trees that we're still cultivating nowadays.

She used to personally take care of her fields and plantations.

Grandma Kemleh grew the olives, pressed them to produce olive oil and made sure to teach her son Assaad and grandchildren the love of our earth.

She provided them with her secrets for healthy and natural planting and harvesting, but most importantly she taught them generosity, kindness and respect.

Before she died at the age of 112, she passed her will to her grandchildren and pleaded them not to leave the land she cherished. 
Her grandchildren did not forget her will and followed her path.

Today, they wanted to share with you the taste of Teta Kemleh products from genuine olive oil to other healthy products from her village Chabtine.

Assaad continued the legacy by engaging his children and grandchildren into this path of producing authentic organic products.

Mazak continues to evolve its processes by using the highest hygiene standards to preserve the authencity and the highest quality of its products 

To support rural community and organic farming by producing high end organic products

To grow rural organic farming in lebanon and to promote healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle in every household.

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